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Unlock the Mystery of God’s Grace and Love with us.
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Sunday 11am, 6pm
Wednesday 6:30
Join us as we grow together in our relationship with God.
Where love happens with the power of group encouragement. 
Whatever the need of the moment, the answer will be found in scripture. 
We will search to discover God's timeless truths there that sets the soul free.
Whatever we're feeling, whatever we're hoping. 
Whatever we're suffering or searching for;
The Bible, HIS WORD, has the answer for us. 

Welcome to Our Home

Gadara Baptist Church is a family of baptized believers in Jesus Christ in a small rural community that believes that God can do big things through us.

Our church has gathered in faith since 1876, and it is our goal to be obedient to our Lord Christ Jesus in making genuine disciples who follow Him with their heads (believing the truth), hearts (being the truth) and hands (bringing the truth).  It is our conviction that authentic followers of Christ are involved with His mission of making disciples of all peoples and nations and remain open to allowing the Lord to change our actions and attitudes to His divine purpose.

We are a small Southern Baptist Church that is both associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and with the New River Baptist Association. We act as an independent church, but we choose to freely associate with other Churches of like mind in order that we might better share the good news of Jesus Christ through our Cooperative program by which we support both foreign and home missionaries.

The doctrine of a believer’s church is a key belief in Baptist life. Members come into the church personally, individually, and freely. No one is “born into the church”. Only those who have personal faith in Christ comprise the true church in the eyes of God, and they are counted as members of our church family.

We try to keep the idea of ministry simple, whether we are ministering to the local people near us, or people across an ocean. We show our love to Jesus with worship, prayer, and obedience. We show His people our love by helping them grow in Christ by sharing the Gospel and helping to meet their needs.

The families here at GBC are diverse; some are older, some are younger, some have kids, some don’t, some are married, and some are not. But in the end, we are ONE FAMILY, adopted into the family of God through Jesus Christ, and that binds us together as we gather, grow, and go. Speaking of growing, our membership has been blessed this year as construction has commenced on the new Fellowship Hall being built on the Gadara church campus. We are spreading our wings to fly ever closer to Him.

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