Gadara Baptist Church is a local body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ. The Church has been in existence since 1876, and it is our goal to be obedient to our Lord Jesus Christ in making genuine disciples which follow him with their heads, hearts and hands. It is our conviction that authentic believers are those who have accepted Jesus as the Lord God and made the choice to be his follower. We also believe that an authentic follower will follow with their heart and allow the Lord to change both actions and attitudes. Finally, it is our conviction that authentic followers of Christ are those who following with their hands in that they are involved with Christ in his mission of making disciples of all nations.
We are a Southern Baptist Church that is both associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and with the New River Baptist Association. We act as an independent Church, but we choose to freely associate with other Churches of like mind in order that we might better share the good news of Jesus Christ through our Cooperative program by which we support both foreign and home missionaries.